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General Overview

ROCS software is specifically designed for the Courier and Private Hire industries, and can cope with high volume despatch with capacity to spare.

ROCS covers all aspects of controlling jobs, from the telephonist booking the job and quoting accurate and consistent pricing, through to invoicing the client and calculating payment due to self employed riders/drivers.

ROCS  can cope with businesses doing a few jobs per day, with one or two PCs, to corporations doing many thousands per day, with hundreds of PCs.

ROCS will support remote users over dial-up, ISDN, kilostream or megastream lines. These users can attach to the system and operate under the advanced security system that will control exactly what they can do down to individual pieces of information in certain cases. Branch offices can be given relatively unrestricted access but client implants can be limited to only their own work.

ROCS supports mobile data on the XDA devices. Docket information and messages can be sent to drivers, status update can be transmitted back to base , onsite,  POB,  POD signature capture, and job completed . Waiting time and any extras on the job can also be  keyed in and transmitted back to base and updates the job record.   Mobile data helps speed up the process of handing out work and increases the productivity of controllers and drivers.

Booking Jobs

Booking jobs is straightforward and quick. The system lets you store a great deal of information about clients, contacts, phone numbers and standard addresses for pickups and drops. With this information stored for immediate recall a great deal of work can be booked with the minimum of keystrokes. You can speed up booking jobs. Details and address can be right first time and every time. The computer can remember and prompt the telephonists for the right information for each client.

The computer will hold details of standard words and sentences that can be used time and again and be recalled with a simple keystroke. The dockets become clearer with better information for the controller but the job still gets booked quickly. The system helps you maintain standards even when you have new staff taking bookings.

ROCS naturally has the standard pop-up and drop-down lists of client account numbers and name lists that can be used for look-up searches.

The main booking screen is a free format text area. You can type in what you like in any format. ROCS will interpret the information and decode the pickup and drop places that will be used to calculate distances and prices for the job.

Multiple pickups and drops are catered for and the pricing system will calculate prices for these as quickly as for any other job.

Client Invoicing

ROCS has a simple and efficient means for client invoicing. You select the cut-off date for jobs that are to be invoiced. You select the range of accounts to be invoiced based on the invoicing frequency - daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. (Each client can be set up differently for invoicing frequency).

All the jobs are processed and flagged with the invoice number and invoice date. You can invoice a single docket if there is a special one-off job requiring immediate invoicing.

At any time you can print the invoices, with their schedule of journeys, which can be all journeys, or by sorted reference. You can do reprints of all invoices or an individual invoice if required.

For factored accounts, invoices can be printed without the accompanying schedules so that the Factor Company only receives the invoice.

Invoices can be automatically E mailed to clients instead of printing and posting the hard copy.

Mobile Data with ROCS

Text Box:

There are various levels that can be used for Mobile Data.

The simplest technology to incorporate and use is SMS messaging to driver mobile phones. With very little effort tremendous benefits can be gained in terms of despatch and driver confidence in the work being given out. Everyone has a better handle on the job to be done with less queries and mistakes.

If you are operating in an open call environment, you can call the jobs in the usual way, but that is the only radio traffic.

When you decide on which rider/driver is going to get the job, pressing the allocate button sends a text message to the appropriate rider/drivers mobile.

With the XDA thejob details can be despatched to the driver and he gets a clear view of the work being given to him. The job can be monitored by the driver on his screen and he can record against the message the current status of the job.

Back in the despatch office, the flow of the message can be monitored to the XDA, the acceptance from the driver can be recorded as well as arrival, POB and completion.


Text Box:  If the tracking option is enabled, driver movements can be logged , so despatch always know the location of drivers and there current status.

It becomes easier to answer queries without having to call the driver. Client queries regarding the time for a vehicle to arrive can also be answered more accurately.

The tracking system will also record all the track positions for a vehicle over a period of time. This gives you the opportunity to confirm a driver movement when a query arises as to when a driver arrived at a particular location. The GPS position and time stamp gives everyone an independent view of a potentially difficult situation.

Satellite Navigation

Text Box:  XDA devices can also incorporate navigation systems. These can be controlled so that work sent to the PDA can trigger the navigation to guide the driver to the pickup and to the drop. This represents another potential saving on misunderstandings, loss of time and lost work.


POD Signatures

POD signatures can be sent back to the office in realtime. As soon as the driver has got the delivery point signature, he can transmit it back to the office so it is immediately available for checking and can also be forwarded on to the client if required.

The need to delay POD information until the driver returns to the office or can get his paperwork sent back  is gone. The workload of handling POD information is greatly reduced and the service can be offered without overloading the office staff.

The signatures can be viewed on screen attached to the job and can be checked for veracity. They can also be emailed directly to the client if required for urgent deliveries.


You can also build up a log of PODs coming back in so that they can be backtracked to see the date/time stamp when the signature was sent into the office.

WEB Bookings with e-ROCS

ROCS is fully web enabled, and can optionally be configured to allow your clients to book jobs directly in to the ROCS control system via their standard internet browser.

How many times have you been on the Web attempting to access a site, only to be told their server is down while they perform housekeeping routines. This does not happen with e-ROCS.

The system uses the same service file, place file and client file as ROCS Control, so any changes are  updated to  the Web user. For example, if you were to change a journey price, a customers discount level, or put them on hold, you do not have to worry about also updating the Web system, it is one and the same system.

The system gives the client a booking reference (job number) and prices the job based on their usual pricing, picking up the information from the same sources as used by telephonists when booking a job.

The client can check work in progress, look at historical work, .

If you already have implants at your key clients, you will gain tremendous cost savings by reducing your leased line requirement as well as giving them the ability to book work from any PC with access to the Web (subject to password protection, reference validation and PIN numbers, where appropriate).

You will need leased line or ADSL connection to your Internet Service Provider [ISP] creating a permanent link your between yours ROCS2 system and the Internet, a Windows NT Web Server,  and a firewall to prevent un-authorised access to your data.

Because the cost of linking your clients in is greatly reduced, you will be able to provide this service to many more of your account customers, giving them better service, and tying them more closely to you.