27/10/2006 - Irish Times

Relay Express has become the first courier company in Ireland whose fleet can now capture signatures and orders electronically via O2's Xda handheld devices - thereby speeding up pick-up and delivery services by 30%.

We provide delivery solutions to a diverse spectrum of industries which include the pharmaceutical, financial, legal, advertising and printing to name a few (Testimonials on request). We have achieved consistent growth in our industry and have major expansion plans for the short to medium term.

Relay Express is using a business solution called ROCS over the O2 network, removing the need for paper from the sales order, delivery and service processes. The information is transferred over the O2 network directly to the company's back office system immediately after the customer has signed electronically on the O2 Xda.

Andy O'Donovan, Managing Director, Relay Express comments, "O2 Xda devices have transformed our business. We have seen a phenomenal increase in productivity as our services used to be labour intensive with lots of paperwork. The beauty of the new system is that the time and energy that used to be spent on paperwork is now freed up for other services."

"We have seen a phenomenal increase in productivity."

The new electronic solution allows for faster and more transparent invoicing and cuts costs significantly. It enables access to instant on-line signatures and on-line tracking of each consignment. The system facilitates storage of key information about clients which can be immediately recalled with the minimum of keystrokes.