Company History
ROCS was started in the year 2000 by John and Denis Aherne. John had many years experience in the computer industry whilst Denis has an accounting background. We have both been involved with the Courier and Private Hire Industry for about 15 years developing systems and software to cater for the specific problems posed by those markets. Both skill sets have been used to develop the ROCS software applications in terms of the technical developments within the industry and the business administration requirements for dealing with accounts, drivers and the PCO.

As conditions within the Courier and Private Hire Industry have changed, so ROCS has adapted to deal with the technical challenges with regard to radio, mobile phones, PDAs, SATNAV, vehicle tracking and WEB Booking systems. All integrated to form a complete system.

Nature Of Business
ROCS Computer Services develops software applications specifically for the Private Hire/Mini Cab and Courier Industry.